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CommAlliance creates a partnership with our customers, helping them achieve their personalized telecommunications solution. You and your business can rely on us.  Our technical expertise is sought after, well developed through specialized direct training with equipment manufacturers and our partnership with nationwide communication carriers. 

Our formal training follows industry-leading trends and enables our technicians and engineers to stay current in an always changing tech-space.  Our technical backgrounds combined, CommAlliance has over 75 years of cumulative experience in the data and telecom industry.

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Through CommAlliance's partnerships with manufacturers and viable carriers, the CommAlliance team has earned certifications and on the job expertise.  We have certifications for premise-based systems. Since most manufacturers are terminating premise-based systems, we have adapted and possess certifications for hosted platforms too. Our alliance with Sangoma has provided us with successful and enterprise-level installations. We also provide alternative solutions within the hosted environment such as, Broadvoice, Vonage, RingCentral, and second-tier carriers. We meet the needs of all customers.


CommAlliance has earned the right to be an authorized representative for Sangoma Hosted Platform, Broadvoice Hosted Platform, Vonage, and several other second-tier hosting providers.

We are also authorized representatives to carriers such as, Spectrum, TPx Communications, Cox Communications, AT&T, and many other       nationally recognized carriers.

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Your evaluation for connectivity should be based on your company's bottom line, never compromising security and bandwidth capacity as a priority. Staying with top-tiered companies is a must in today's environment. We are authorized to represent top-tier cable companies (Cox, Spectrum, Comcast), TPx Communications, Frontier Communicationsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, AT&T, and other nationally recognized telecom providers. Our internet connectivity service is able to provide solutions that address your company's expanding needs. We can install any business-grade networking devices. After implementation, we work closely with our trusted IT partners to provide a smooth experience from start to finish.


We are able to offer limited support for Samsung IP/Premise-Based Systems and older premise-based systems, Nortel, Toshiba, Panasonic, and NEC. We are currently in our last year of support for older premise-based systems. However, we are able to provide the new NEC product line if you are in need of a new generation of premise-based systems. We provide and support Polycom's product line, including headsets. We provide and support Yealink VoIP products, as well as some Cisco VoIP Phones. We have chosen to work with manufacturers that offer the highest standards in service and product reliability. We have established additional relationships that include TRIPP Lite and Polycom peripheral equipment, including headsets now.

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