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CommAlliance is a privately held, woman owned company. The company began as a small interconnect company; which included cabling in Southern California in 1992, and at customer requests expanded to consulting work in 1998 with the purpose of providing competitive telecommunication solutions.  We believe in the customer's right to have essential information on hand before making crucial decisions that affect a company's bottom line and operations.

We review customers' complete telecommunications options.  We evaluate a company's objectives and operations and then provide consultative recommendations. Unlike telecommunication consulting firms, there is no additional fees associated for these services with CommAlliance.  As an independent company, CommAlliance offers options and solutions that marry various product lines, enabling corporations to make solid decisions regarding their telecom and IT needs.

CommAlliance has established special relationships with a few very innovative telecommunication companies, each specializing in its' own field.  We serve as the liaison between various entities that may be involved in implementing a solution.  Thus CommAlliance becomes a single point of contact for Voice, Data, and Cabling (including Fiber). Integrating all of the products needed for a solid communications platform. 


Our success comes from an ability to analyze each manufacturers' strengths and then apply them to our customers' needs.  We assist in implementing equipment and connectivity so that changes occur transparently, thus  relieving customer installation headaches.

Serving clients in Northern California, Southern California, specifically Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire since 1992. 

We also manage multiple locations for our clients nationwide.  We have the expertise and experience to maintain and upgrade infrastructure and hardware at any location.

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